4 Pertinent Features of a Traditional Style Kitchen

September 28, 2020
4 Pertinent Features of a Traditional Style Kitchen

Despite the growing trend in contemporary interior designs, a traditional style kitchen is still among the most popular kitchen styles today. The most distinguishing feature of a traditionally designed kitchen is attention to detail. Nearly all fixtures in the room must have details and embellishments that appear layered yet not overbearing. For designers and homeowners alike, traditional style kitchens are still very much in vogue, thanks to design features that remain timeless and versatile.


Here are some pertinent features of a traditional kitchen design:


#1. Decorative accessories everywhere

The major feature of a traditional style kitchen is the use of decorative accessories such as crown mouldings, corbels, and wainscotings. In almost every area of a traditional kitchen, you can find a detailed adornment and designed items with decorative accessories.


#2. Raised panel cabinets

While contemporary or modern kitchens feature simplicity in terms of cabinetry, a traditional kitchen uses embellishments to highlight its aesthetic. These kitchens choose classic or vintage raised panel cabinet doors over plainer styles.


#3. Neutral colour palette

A lot of what makes a traditional style kitchen different from its contemporary counterpart is in terms of colour. Modern kitchens often prefer crisp colours, focusing on materials instead while bringing a pop of colour to a space. On the other hand, traditional kitchens stick to a neutral colour palette, using colours such as beiges and browns. These neutral colours provide warmth to a kitchen.


#4. Luxurious countertops

While the cabinetry in traditional kitchens focuses on neutral colours, you can add more fun and interesting shades in your traditional style kitchen through the countertops. If your budget allows it, you can choose luxurious materials like quartz or granite. You can also opt for designs or patterns that imitate the look of luxurious materials such as marble.


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