6 Ways To Add Timeless Appeal To A Traditional White Kitchen

September 20, 2022
6 Ways To Add Timeless Appeal To A Traditional White Kitchen

Elegant, distinguished, formal yet comfortable, a traditional kitchen is defined by its neutral colors, luxurious kitchen islands, and noticeable accents. Add to it a white color scheme, and you can create a space worthy of admiration. However, white also creates a clinical vibe if overused. Here are 6 ways you can avoid this to create a timeless appeal for your kitchen.

Features You Can Add to a Traditional Kitchen

Add Contrast With Darker Elements

If you have a space with white walls and countertops, you can create incredible contrast with your kitchen island. For example, a wainscoted island with a royal blue hue can add a regal touch to your space. Perfect the contrast by using cookware and decorative pieces matching the accented color.

Play With Texture To Create Intrigue

Textures can also breathe new life into a white kitchen. Consider traditional, grainy wood furnishing in lieu of standard, polished fixtures to bring some warmth and character to the setting. You can even bring texture with a wooden or metallic hood, preferably matching your fitments.

Make A Statement With Veiny Countertops

The white color scheme in your kitchen offers leeway to experiment with your countertop. Veiny marble countertops are a fabulous choice for your kitchen island, drawing attention and creating a richer, cohesive space. Accentuate the look further by opting for different materials and hues for the other countertops, such as grey or black soapstone.

Go Mediterranean With Terracotta Flooring

Perfect for adding warmth to a clinical white kitchen, terracotta tiles bring a certain Mediterranean aesthetic. Enhance the traditional appeal of your kitchen with pretreated terracotta tiles. The copper tones of the tiles go along splendidly with the overall white theme. These tiles also guarantee longevity, an added bonus.

Splash Some Color On Your Range Top

A staple in a traditional kitchen, a range top is known for its additional space, perfect to cook as well as store accessories. You can add an aesthetic touch to it by painting it in a warmer color to add much-needed coziness and contrast to the space.

Pay Attention To Lighting

Statement and mood lighting can add a sophisticated vibe to any room. But it’s important to be careful with the lights, as certain wattage or colors can make a white kitchen look sterile. For white kitchens, use pendant lights with warm hues to create the perfect ambiance without saturating the surroundings in the same color.

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