Custom Kitchen Design Checklist: How to Get the Best Cabinet

February 18, 2022
Custom Kitchen Design Checklist: How to Get the Best Cabinet

Choosing the right kitchen cabinets can be challenging because there are so many design choices to choose from today. With that said, you can simplify the process by focusing first on the essentials. When it comes to custom kitchen design, there are so many aspects to consider that key elements of your kitchen can end up being overlooked. As such, a checklist of things to consider will come in handy for many homeowners.  

Storage capability and ease of use are two of the biggest aspects of your kitchen cabinets to keep an eye on. Excellent custom kitchen designers such as NIMA Kitchen and Bath can help you look at all the small details and ensure you get the best custom kitchen cabinets.  


Here is a helpful custom kitchen design checklist for kitchen cabinets


1. What should the inside of the cabinets be like?  

Consider the number of drawers contained in each cabinet unit and how much space you want each compartment to have. Some homeowners want more drawers so that they have more options to store cooking utensils and plates. Alternatively, others want wide drawers or certain cabinets to be shelf-less so that they have space to store larger items such as baking trays. Talk to the experts at NIMA Kitchens to learn about different creative storage ideas. You may want to incorporate more innovative and unusual storage solutions to accommodate niche needs.  

2. What are the materials and finishes you want to use?  

A cabinet's material and finish help bring cohesion to its overall design. Cabinet makers can use a wide variety of materials depending on the customer's budget and aesthetic preferences. The most common kitchen cabinet materials are wood, wood alternatives and laminate. After selecting your cabinet material, you should also decide on the finishing you prefer. Different kinds of finishes contribute to different aesthetic and functional benefits. For instance, a polished or glossy finish ensures better protection against stains. 

3. What colour should your cabinets be? 

Colour and lighting contribute so much to a custom kitchen's overall aesthetic. It is a great start to have some idea of the kind of colour palette you prefer, but at NIMA Kitchen we recommend our clients see the real thing in the flesh. This is why we always keep our kitchen showroom updated. Some cabinet colours look great in a picture but may not work as well with the rest of your kitchen. Make sure to go for a colour story that is complementary to your home’s overall aesthetic. The good news about custom kitchens is that every aspect is highly customizable, so you can always change things around. 

4. What are the details you care about? 

One of the aspects of custom kitchen design most often forgotten is the cabinet hardware. These tiny details are often left to the experts as homeowners rarely want to stress over choosing the right hinges or knobs. However, you should ask yourself early on which of these little details you want to have a say over. Make your preferences known to your kitchen designer so they can cater to your needs. The experts at NIMA will always vet choices with homeowners to get their input and feedback. After all, it is no good to have a beautiful custom kitchen that somehow doesn’t feel right because of the little things.  

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