Exploring 5 Types of Shaker Style Cabinet Doors

April 19, 2023
Exploring 5 Types of Shaker Style Cabinet Doors

In the previous blog, we explored the history of shaker-style cabinets and doors and the most common terms associated with them. We also covered some of the best materials used for making these cabinets and doors in a traditional, transitional or modern kitchen. Now that you know what a shaker-style cabinet is and are aware of the elements that make up a door, let's look at the 5 most popular shaker-style doors we are using at Nima Kitchens. 



5 Popular Shaker-Style Cabinet Doors



1. Plain Shaker

The Plain Shaker or Traditional Shaker emphasizes the minimalism of the Shaker style the most. This door is characterized by rails and stiles that are 2 ½” wide with a recess of 5/16” for the center panel. The Plain Shaker drawer fronts are the same style as the doors with equal size rails and stiles. These doors can be ¾” or 7/8” thick. This style works well in all kitchens and is a great choice as it is a timeless look that will never go out of style.


2. Wide Rail Shaker

The Wide Rail Shaker door has 3” wide rails and stiles. The center panel works best with a 5/16” recess but can also be reduced if desired. The drawer fronts require a reduced top and bottom rail but the stiles are 3” just like the doors. Deep drawers (such as pot drawers) can also have the 3” detail all around. These doors can also be ¾” or 7/8” thick. This door style works in larger kitchens with taller ceiling heights.


3. Skinny Shaker 

The Skinny shaker door has ½” wide rails and stiles with a thickness of 7/8”. The drawers have the same ½” detail all around. The center panel for this style works best with a 3/16” recess.  This style is becoming more and more popular and provides a slightly more modern aesthetic than the traditional shaker-style door. This door also blends well with other styles such as slab doors with wood grains. You may also consider using a plain shaker style for your doors and a skinny shaker for your drawers for a subtle visual enhancement.


4. Genova Shaker 

The Genova Shaker door can either have  2 ½” wide rails and stiles or 3” for a more dramatic look. Once again the top and bottom rails of the drawer fronts will need to be reduced if you are going with the 3” option. This door style is characterized by an ogee inside detail. It adds a slightly more “dressed up” look to the plain shaker door and works well in both small or large kitchens.


5. Shaker Modern 

The Shaker Modern typically has 2 ½” rails and stiles but can be customized with the larger option if preferred. This door feels slightly softer and less pronounced than the plain shaker as it has a bevelled inside detail instead of a 90-degree angle. The recessed panel is typically only 3/16” for a slight bevel. This style is quickly gaining popularity and it looks wonderful in all home styles due to its subtle detail and versatility.  




To conclude, if you are looking to install a new kitchen, then you can consider any one of these 5 door-style options depending on your taste. If you are unsure which type of cabinet door will be best suited for your kitchen, then reach out to us at Nima Kitchens. A  popular custom kitchen manufacturer in Toronto, our shaker doors and cabinets are known for their impeccable design and craftsmanship. Contact us today!


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