How to Use Space Efficiently in a Small Custom Kitchen

August 27, 2021

Not everyone has a large, luxurious kitchen—sometimes, simple is better. Whether because of space constraints or personal preferences, some homeowners have opted for smaller kitchens and as such, need to ensure they are making the most of the space they have. One of the biggest setbacks of smaller kitchens is the inconvenience that comes with the lack of storage options. However, if you are making your own custom kitchen, you can make sure to include as many smart storage solutions as possible.



In today’s blog, we talk about how using creative storage solutions can help you use space efficiently in your small custom kitchen.



1. Separate Prep Area

A permanent island or even having a small, mobile preparation area on wheels can free up counter space and provide you with the extra space you require. Islands are useful because they are multi-functional—it is very common nowadays to forego a formal dining table and make do with a larger island with seating. This gives you more storage and prep space and also gives you and your family or guests a cozy place to sit. If space is really limited, you can consider a rolling island, which can be used to prepare your meals and then be pushed out of the way once dinner is ready.


2.  Clever Organizational Systems

Custom cabinetry is useful for all kinds of kitchens. One of the key benefits of custom kitchens is you are able able to add clever organizational systems that provide storage solutions perfect for your needs. Cabinets can be fitted with custom inserts, such as sliding shelves that are extendable. These shelves can be sized according to your needs so that you can keep the bulkiest items in your kitchen out of sight. Dividers can be added to drawers so pots and lids can be separated and organized. Spice, cutlery, and utensil trays can ensure drawers are being used to their fullest potential.


3. Use Built-in Appliances

To free up even more counter space, consider using built-in appliances. Ovens are already typically installed in this manner, but you can be even more ambitious with your space-saving goals. Microwaves, toasters, and even coffee machines can be built into islands, cabinets, cupboards, and more. They can slide out on drawers or be attached to the walls so that they hang in an easy-to-reach location.


4. Consider a Lighter Palette

This is more of an aesthetic solution, but it still works wonders to open up your kitchen’s space. Organizational prowess can only do so much if your kitchen still looks small and cramped. Choosing lighter colour cabinets can really make a kitchen look more spacious. These lighter tones will brighten up a room and bring in more light. In addition, it is advised to avoid colour contrasts and two-toned features, as this will make everything look too busy or crammed. Sticking with a uniform and bright colour palette rather than mixing colours is a good way to make a space look brighter and bigger. 


5. Go Handle-less

One of the downsides of small custom kitchens is that tight walkways can cause you to bump into large handles. Even when space is not an issue, it is still unpleasant to lean over a counter and feel its hardware poking into your side. Not only that, handles can sometimes be aesthetically bulky and thus overpower the other finer details in a small kitchen. By opting for a concealed handle or push and pull hardware for your cabinets, you can keep your custom kitchen looking sleek and elegant while eliminating the fuss of potential handle-related mishaps in a small kitchen.


These are just some of the ideas you can incorporate into your custom kitchen to maximize space. Let the experts at Nima Kitchens help you design a space that is functional, elegant, and long-lasting.

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