The Hottest Custom Kitchen Trends for 2022

February 01, 2022
The Hottest Custom Kitchen Trends for 2022

The new year is upon us, bringing about a change in design trends and preferences. The events of the past two years have led to a renewed appreciation of nature, an emphasis on functionality and a desire to expand our indoor spaces. These ideas are a key driving force behind much of the new design trends we will see for custom kitchens going into 2022.

Don’t Struggle to Keep up With Ever-Changing Trends for Custom Kitchens, Just Read on to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing:

1. A Natural Colour Palette

Many people are spending more time at home than ever, and this means there is an increased desire to make our indoor spaces feel both more personal and natural. The answer to this is to bring in more colour into the kitchen with a focus on naturalistic, earthy tones such as greens, browns and yellows. You can go bold or subdued by opting for strong, solid colours or more muted pastels. Either way, the goal is to introduce more colour and to play with a variety of shades to create a complementary colour palette.

2. Natural Light Sources and Creative Lighting

Keeping in theme with keeping things natural, many homeowners will be looking to introduce more natural light sources to their custom kitchens. This can be done through the installation of large, floor-to-ceiling windows as a statement along otherwise bare walls. More natural light means you will get a warmer and brighter atmosphere in your custom kitchen. The best thing about natural light is that it works with virtually any design style, from industrial to Rococo. If you do not have many options to install natural lighting sources, you can simply use well-hidden or disguised lighting fixtures, fitted along the lines of cabinets or counters for “artificial” natural lighting.

3. Use More Naturalistic Materials

Once again, all the time spent indoors and brought about a desire to bring the outdoors in. A naturalistic colour palette will go beautifully with the use of more organic materials such as wood and stone. The great news about these natural materials is that they tend to be incredibly durable and high quality as well, promising you a long-lasting and timeless custom kitchen design. The kind of material you choose can do a lot to convey your personality as well. For example, stone materials tend to give off coolness and sophistication while lighter woods exude brightness and openness.

4. More Functional Storage Space

The availability of reliable and ample storage has become ever more important thanks to COVID-19. The average household is not only looking to have more space to store essentials, they have also probably increased the number of gadgets and appliances they own. In light of this, it is important to plan ahead when designing a custom kitchen to ensure that everything will have a place. One of the best ideas to consider is a walk-in pantry as it can serve as a  multipurpose space for you to store just about anything. Aside from that, you can also get creative with your storage solutions. The general consensus was that storage should be hidden–behind cupboard doors, inside cabinets and more. However, you can actually acquire storage solutions that have a design story of their own, such as wicker or teak baskets. They will also go really well with the other wooden fixtures and the overall naturalistic look of your custom kitchen.

As you can tell, the custom kitchen design trends of 2022 are greatly influenced by the experiences we have had over the past two years trying to make our homes more livable and representative of our personalities. At NIMA Kitchen and Bath, our mission is to help our clients bring their dream kitchens to life. Talk to us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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